eTEAMS Overview

How to Have Your Agents Beg For Your Online Leads

The answer is very simple really, sales associates want what they have can't have. One of the biggest mistakes brokers make is giving agents everything — especially online leads. They become jaded, develop a whopping "entitlement" attitude and all you have to show for it is higher expenses, greater headaches, and lost business due to apathy.

You Can't Herd Cats — But They Can Be Led

The key to turning this sorry situation around is to create your own elite "eTEAM" of Internet–savvy agents. Think –Navy Seals" — hard to get in, easy to get kicked out. Only 5% – 10% of your sales force will even qualify and be willing to sign an "Accountability Agreement" with you. And that's all you need to start because the way eTEAMs are structured, most of your other agents will eventually feel "left out" of something important and come around — in fact, pester you to join!

Slash Your Commission Splits While Closing More Deals

The beauty of having a dedicated eTEAM is that only they are authorized to receive your company generated leads because a) they've been trained to handle them properly (via Online Dominance Mentoring), and b) they've committed in writing to be accountable. In exchange for that privilege your company can command a premium referral fee of 35%–45%. The end result: You increase profits substantially while closing more transactions.

The Question is: Are YOU Ready?

Establishing an eTEAM within a company requires leadership and the ability to think strategically, not just reactively. If you and your company fit this profile we can help you quickly and easily set up your own elite eTEAM that will result in greater profits and superior competitive positioning. Just complete the Broker eTEAM Application and we will get back to you within three business days to let you know if your company qualifies.

NOTE: just for applying, you will receive a complementary copy of Michael Russer's (a.k.a. Mr. Internet™) latest White Paper: "Why Real Estate Sales Associates Fail Miserably Online — And What to Do About It"

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See if Your Company Qualifies For An eTEAM

Complete your Broker eTEAM Application and receive a complementary copy of Mr. Internet's latest White Paper.




Choosing Online Dominance for our entire region was a no brainer! There is simply no other self-paced training program in the industry that is as complete and effective in teaching agents how to be successful online.

Amanda Brown – Regional Director
RE/MAX of New Jersey, Inc.

When it comes to doing business online and working with Virtual Assistants, Mr. Internet is the only resource I use. His Online Dominance program is like having him mentor my clients one-on-one, I couldn't ask for anything better!

Coach Ken Goodfellow – CEO
CKG International

Imagine having Mr. Internet sitting right next to you as he guides you every step of the way to online success. The Online Dominance Mentoring program is just like that and so much more.

Howard Brinton – CEO
STARPOWER Systems, Inc.

We have looked at every training program out there to help grow your business on the Internet and nothing even comes close to what Online Dominance Mentoring has to offer.

Charles Morris – Principle Broker / Director eTeam Operations and Technology Training
Prudential Northwest Properties

When you want to be the best, you get trained by the best. That's why we chose Mr. Internet's Online Dominance Mentoring program to train our affiliate brokers on how to do business effectively online.

Keith Dudley – Regional Owner
Help–U–Sell, Inc.

Online Dominance is an outstanding online program on how to do business online and use virtual assistants effectively. It's about SHOWING and COACHING you skills that will transform your business into a productivity powerhouse.

Stefan Swanepoel – Chairman and CEO
RealtyU Group, Inc.